Upcountry buyers


We all know the hassle of moving, even if it is just around the corner. Due to family reasons, employment opportunities, or university studies, it is not uncommon for people to not only move down the road but also to move to different provinces in South Africa. This is indeed a challenging task, however, technology has made it a lot easier to find the perfect home for you, even if you are nowhere near it.

Here are some tips you can follow if you are planning on buying property in another province and need to find your new home:

1.Seize the power of social media:

Social media is a quick and efficient way to let your friends and family on social media know about your home search. The more people that know about your planned move, the more chance you have of someone in that area knowing of the perfect fit for you.

2.Go online:

The first place that you can start your property hunt is online. You can easily gain access to massive amounts of available properties and information from the comfort of your own home.

3.Virtual tours:

Don’t just look at the photos of the property posted online. A lot of properties have full virtual tours which means that you can take a virtual stroll through the entire property without physically being there. If the property does not have a virtual tour, you can use tools such as Google Maps to view the property and neighbourhood from the outside, giving you a clear indication of whether this neighbourhood is the perfect fit for you.

4.Visit the area:

Visiting the surrounding area is ideal, but not always possible, especially if the property is far away. However, it is still a good idea to visit the area before moving. When you visit the area, you will have the opportunity to see the area and surrounds in person. You can plan your visit ahead, and schedule your viewings with your estate agent.

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